Our Philosophy

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All this time we have been guided by a carefully thought through and heartfelt philosophy that springs from a deep love for of our neighbour. We have thought about the things and actions which can make us all happy: those of us who serve and feed our customers and those who come to eat and enjoy, not only our dishes and restaurant, but also appreciate the way they are treated, the atmosphere and the enjoyable moments we all build together. 

During these ten years we have spent many hours with our clients, we have seen their children grow and they ours; we have watched each other grow older; we have celebrated births and shared painful goodbyes of loved ones. But above all this, which is part of life, we have always done our utmost to give of our best; and they, our friends-customers have helped us grow as people and as a business.

In life one cannot be what one isn’t; we can’t, we must not deceive. Tehuelche Grill Argentino is honest with everyone. Truth, responsibility and respect are values that will accompany us, as they have done thus far, regardless of success or failure.

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When someone cooks an “asado”, whether for family, friends or clients he is given the unique opportunity to be source of and partaker in other peoples happiness.

It is a pleasure to manage the fire with its colourful flames, wait for the red coals to appear and cook the meat to perfection, making each piece or cut that leaves the grill a unique work of art. A short lived work of art carefully prepared so as to satisfy each guest, respecting their tastes and favourite cooking point


The rising smoke carries the enticing smell of roast meat and envelopes the man at the grill who, despite the heat, stands by with concentrated attention just as his primitive predecessor did 790000 years ago. All he wants is to ensure that what he is preparing will delight the taste buds.

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This interesting development of THE COW has a great deal to do with our GRILL ARGENTINO TEHUELCHE, since we are in the Iberian Peninsula where the domesticated URIS made its appearance, in Andalucía from whence the first cows were shipped to America and we are from Argentina where the quality of the cattle and the meat is exceptional, all backed by our tradition in preparation, cooking and eating. The Argentine meat we sell in Tehuelche is ABERDEEN ANGUS, a breed originally from Scotland and taken to Argentina only one hundred and forty years ago. Our grandparents received and bred them and we bring the meat to Europe with a renewed flavour.

All that remains is for us to welcome you in our restaurant so you can enjoy a piece of Argentine tenderloin or rib eye with HISTORY

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The force that impels us to be who we have decided to be, is embedded in the values and principles of human behaviour, which are our inner guide. We are what we decide to be and that is how we interact with our environment. Being ourselves will lead to change in our immediate personal world, leading to healthier relationships. It will also contribute to a slow but real transformation of the wider world.

There are three fundamental values that must be taken into account when we analyse our life:

The value of experience: that which happened or is happening to us.

The value of creativity: what we contribute to life.

The value of attitude: how we respond to what happens to us, and what we contribute to life.

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Our birth and our death is not in our hands, it is the beginning and the end of our lives, everything in between depends on our attitudes, the RESPECT we have for others and our daily determination to LOVE.

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